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C++ Developer @think cell

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C++ @think cell Berlin

think cell creates creates intuitive anaytic and visualisation software. More than 700,000 users worldwide (such as American Express, Coca-Cola, Deloitte Consulting, Ernst & Young, Google, Hewlett-Packard, Nokia, Porsche Consulting, etc.) rely on think cell's software for their daily business

Vacancy description

As a C++ Software Developer you will be working in a team of 20 developers (and growing) with a focus on:
• Intuitive data analytic visualisation software
• Create and build algorithms
• Create and build graphical design user interfaces
• Create and build powerfull automates bug reports tools and reporting infrastructure
• Reverse engineer with the disassembler IDA from Hex-Rays
• And other

You will be supported to focus on what you do best without (scheduled) meetings or managers that do not understand your trade.

• Everything is done in C++ with a little Assembler glue code and some Python scripting

Used Libraries
• Boost and Boost.Spirit
• think-cell’s own library like Boost.Range or Eric Niebler’s rangev3, but going further
• think-cell’s won cross-platform to support Mac and Windows with a single code base

• A big part of the strength of the think-cell products is based on the strength of algorithms
• think-cell has developed lots of new algorithms
• think-cell is working together with John Forrest, author of the linear solver CLP

think-cell is looking for bright and creative C++ developers.


Berlin Germany Op aanvraag

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Karst Dollekamp
T: (06) 4301 1871