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Fullstack PHP Developer live stream @USF.Sport

Fullstack PHP vacancy live stream @USF.Sport

USF.Sport delivers advanced tools to analyse and improve the performances of individual athletes and sports teams. USF.Sport offers two products:
  • An automatic camera system with which you can fully automatically record all games and training sessions for live streaming and analysis. The camera follows the match and automatically zooms in where necessary, as if a real cameraman were standing there.
  • An application that captures object tracking data - in both real-time or post-match – during matches and training sessions to analyse the performance of professional athletes.
With 600+ customers, including the Dutch soccer team, Manchester City, Ajax, PSV and other more and less well-known clubs, USF.Sport solutions are used to record soccer, volleyball, field hockey, baseball, basketball, and water polo matches.
USF.Sport has the ambition not only to become the leading European company but also world-wide. USF.Sport is situated in the heart of the Dutch National Soccer campus.

Fullstack PHP Developer live stream platform

As a Fullstack PHP Developer @USF.Sport you are responsible for developing the live stream and data collection platform. 
Your challenges will be:

  • For the short term; migrate three platforms into one
  • For the mid- and longer term; help develop a platform where individual athletes as well as teams will be able to receive and analyze their data to improve their game. Both for amateurs as well as professionals.

The Fullstack PHP Developer will, together with the rest of the USF.Sport-team, contribute directly to the performance of sports teams and individual athletes.
In this 

The ideal Fullstack PHP Developer live stream

The ideal Fullstack PHP Developer has experience in working with:

  • PHP Laravel
  • Api development
  • Vue.js, nice-to-have
  • Ionic, nice-to-have
  • C++, nice-to-have


  • appreciate to work in a team
  • have a high sense of responsibility
  • have a customer-oriented attitude

USF.Sport offers

  • a salary between € 45.500 and € 58.500
  • an inspiring workplace at the KNVB campus
  • a challenge to improve the performances of athletes and sport teams, both professional as well as amateurs



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Korte beschrijving

Fullstack PHP Developer @USF.Sport . Build a platform that 1. films and records (soccer) matches 2. tracks and collects data of athletes and teams to analyse and improve the game